Engage customers with a mix of video by Bakerbuilt Works

Q2 is done. How’s the rest of the year stacking up?

We help our clients engage customers with video and this year we’re focusing on creating a mix of styles. As a result, the work keeps coming in.
You know how it goes. We start the year out with a lot of ambition, goals, and gumption to get things done, kick some @$$ and get things in order. For the most part, this lasts for, oh, about a few weeks. Then we slide back into our usual habits. Well, this year is different. I don’t know if it’s a perceived uncertainty about the global economy, the election year or what. We’ve already had one client put a big project on hold because of the tariffs.

July/August is typically a slower time of the year for us. For example, a lot of our corporate clients cycle through vacations, time off or even sabbaticals (that’s a top one on my to-do list). Nevertheless, this year we’re booking projects through July and now booking into August. It’s comforting to know that the summer is going to be busy. Delivering great marketing tools to our clients that help sail right on through the rest of the year is rewarding.

A mix of video content for customers

A while ago, like the beginning of the year, we came up with a simple way to engage customers with video. Videos that get delivered 5 or 6 at a time. We schedule these shoots quarterly. Nevertheless, it’s hardly a new or groundbreaking concept. I’ve been preaching the Hero, Hub, and Help (Hygiene) concept of video marketing for business for some time now. The concept involves 3 general types of videos. It’s a good mix of video marketing content that covers a few bases of a customer’s journey without annoying anyone.

  • HERO videos are done a couple of times a year. They are positioned around major initiatives, launches or tent pole events.
  • HUB videos are a catalyst for continuous engagement with your customers. Hence HUB, as a place to go for content about your product or service.
  • HELP or Hygiene videos are the trickle videos that assure your customers or prospects that someone is there, and they care. “These kinds of videos are exactly what I need because I’m actively using your product or I’m actively engaged in consideration.” 

This last category, HELP is very popular. We currently have 2 clients working with us to create quarterly blasts of new content that is helpful in a variety of ways. These have a good shelf life, are easy to produce, and are effective in engaging with customers.

Now’s a good time to start

If you find that your best intentions for a great year are off, it’s not too late to catch up. Starting on a HERO, HUB or HELP video marketing strategy is an easy way to engage customers with video. Even if you have to pivot from your plan, it’s a good investment. To sum it up, if you’re not supplementing your marketing mix with a variety of video content optimized for video SEO along with supporting written content, email marketing, social media, or any other marketing tool you use, you’re not being as effective as can be. Why not engage customers with video?. To learn more contact us directly.