The latest addition to our studio is a data center server stage set for hire. Comprised of a pair of practical full-size server racks in our studio these are perfect for video or stills. With our creative partner, BakerBuilt Works, we can provide full creative and production services.

How this came about…

A year or so ago we had a client who needed us to shoot inside a data center for a fiber tester they were releasing. After two weeks of negotiations, we finally got the go-ahead to shoot inside their corporate data center. So our small crew of 4 loaded in with all our gear and proceeded to set up for the day of shooting.

Being very careful

Following the rules about no food or drinks in the room, we went about our business. Just before lunch, one of the managers came by and says “what’s going on?”  We had carefully placed a piece of dummy fiber into a rack to use as a prop. Totally flipping out, he shut down the shoot, needless to say, my client had some explaining to do…

Since we got into this predicament, this got me thinking, why don’t we build a data center server stage set for hire? We could create a pair of modular racks that are practical and can be used in compositing. That’s what we did.

The Data Center Server Stage Set

When we shoot this we use some in-camera trickery to make it look like there’s a whole row of these racks, just like a secure data center. Because there are plenty of really cool 3D models of data centers out for fairly cheap I thought of using the idea of the theater of the mind. Let the viewer think outside the frame, But when you need to get inside one of the racks, our practical rack does the trick by being able to be populated with whatever kind of equipment you need. Consequently, this delivers an awesome set with no hassles or dangers of shutting down the corporate data. Used for a multitude of products or scenarios the set works great for:

  • Data Centers
  • Fiber optic cabling or testing
  • Fiber optic networking
  • Ethernet over copper
  • Fiber optic testing
  • Copper ethernet cabling or testing
  • Training
  • Product demos
  • Product launches