How-to Video for installing Steam on Chromebooks finds the sweet spot where marketing meets customer service

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First off, Customer Service is Marketing

At BakerBuilt Works, we are strong believers in customer service. Actually, as a person, I am a strong believer in customer service. After all, most of us spend at least as much time being someone else’s customer as we do courting our own. I regularly make buying decisions and give buying recommendations based on whether a business has made me feel valued. Nothing supports Marketing like great customer service. Do you feel the same way?

Beyond the Phone Bank

We often think of customer service as what happens after a product has failed. But really, service is in every step a business takes to ensure the customer has a positive experience from first contact, through purchasing, and with ongoing education. With more and more customers choosing to interact with brands entirely through social media, customer service and marketing are sharing space on a pretty tight platform. Customer service is marketing!

Education Videos: Marketing & Customer Service Combined

Among the variety of videos create, educational or training videos can be either the simplest or most challenging to produce. That makes them popular with our customers. What makes them popular with your customers, is that education videos provide a much-needed service. Done well, they provide solutions to problems before they crop up. That makes your customers happy, right? And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

How-to Video for Installing Steam on Chromebooks

For some products the link is obvious. Then others, it may take some creativity. For us, the “How-to video for installing Steam on Chromebooks” came about as an after effect of a series of “Chromebook Gaming” papers we were writing for both Intel® and Tech Reviewer Garage. While playing video games is both possible and fun on today’s Chromebooks, particularly with an 8th generation Intel®Core™i5 (or better) processor, it’s still new enough that Intel wanted to signal boost the message. This marketing effort works for Intel by supporting an entire technological ecosystem that counts on Intel CPU’s at every level, from hardware producers to app developers.

The how-to video for installing Steam on Chromebooks is, on the surface, just a video to help gamers access another portal for gaming through their Chromebook. At the same time, the video spreads the word about the growing capabilities of Chromebooks with Intel inside. Beyond that, the video is marketing for us, the creators of TRG. Showing off our technical prowess by launching Linux in the ChromeOS and then installing Steam through command line. In itself is not a huge technical feat, but a lot of people are interested in it seeing that in the first week it already got over 1000 views and that’s purely organic.  

Good marketing is not always a straight path. Creating and maintaining awareness of your brand is as important as creating and maintaining loyalty with your current customers and, sometimes, even with your customers’ customers. Now, when a player makes a touchdown, it’s not his alone to celebrate. It takes a team of folks playing different roles in cooperation and coordination.

Will an education video have a role in the next play you run? Let us know!