Eventbrite Bakerbuilt WorksCreating an incredible corporate video can be a challenging task, but we love it. Curious to have an inside peek into what’s involved? We decided to give you some insight by talking about our creative process regarding one of our favorite clients—Eventbrite.

Daniel A. Cardenas (owner and director of Sierra Media) has produced many videos with Eventbrite, working with them over the course of several years. Eventbrite is a well-known company based out of San Francisco, California that provides a ticketing platform for handling large events. They take care of all pre-sales, data and analysis of demographics, including hot maps, and, of course, provide the tools and equipment needed to handle check-in. When it comes to event planning, they are pretty much the only ticketing resource worth talking about.

In the beginning…

Our corporate video team has worked with Eventbrite for about three years now. We became connected when a senior marketing manager at Fluke Industries, a long-time client of ours, moved to California and joined the Eventbrite team. Because this senior marketing manager, Christine Bohle and Daniel had developed such a great working relationship, she took our video production services down with her.

We enjoyed working together, had a similar outlook and perspective on projects—and of course, she and Daniel are both originally from Southern California—which forms a pretty close bond as well.

Eventbrite Bakerbuilt Works

The Challenges of an Eventbrite Corporate Video

When creating a corporate case study video, there are plenty of interesting challenges. Working with the Eventbrite team, a highly efficient and focused group of people, kept our video production team on our toes and running right along with them. Here are some snags that we hit with Eventbrite and that are common when creating these types of videos:

1. Catching the people

To do an interview, you need a person, right? Because Eventbrite is the ticketing platform for large events, it was quite a challenge catching the busy event-planners. These clients were usually on multiple locations, neck deep in managing their events, shows, and their own staff—so it was sometimes hard to get them to stop and talk about their services. And once you catch them, it can be a challenge to help them express their own unique brand voice, while also commenting on their experiences with Eventbrite.

In some cases, we had to do the actual interviews after the event itself and hope that the footage we took during would fit in with what our client said about the event. We always worked it out, but it can be an additional, and not uncommon, tangle when shooting case study live action film.

corporate video production - Eventbrite

Our team capturing the brand voice of New York City Beer Festival.

2. Capturing two voices

Needing to create a video that effectively captured both the voice of the client and Eventbrite made producing their corporate video a fun challenge for our team. I was responsible to capture and understand the clients’ vision for their event or business, while including their pain point – how to manage ticketing effectively – and the solution they found in Eventbrite.

The key to producing a great case study for them, however, was not to highlight Eventbrite itself, but rather to highlight their client—the people using their ticketing platform and loving it. Only a smattering of actual promotion of Eventbrite was ever intercut into the videos—we wanted the focus on the client.

This is the key to a good case study video. Provide for your client a video that truly emphasizes the actual voices of actual people that were truly pleased with their services. Those authentic videos naturally attract other clients.

Eventbrite Event Bakerbuilt Works

3. Staying flexible

The Eventbrite marketing team is very, very smart. They have a clear vision for their company, they are highly focused and organized, and they are savvy marketers. This is one of their great strengths as a company. It makes them quick, effective, and focused. It can also throw quite the wrench in their plans when something goes wrong, because their plans don’t leave much room for happenstance.

But with live action filming, everything is subject to change.

For example, if you are planning to shoot outdoors, it could rain and suddenly you need to come up with a new location and possibly a new story. Or, a person that you intended to interview suddenly cancels – now you need a new angle. Also, there are times when an interviewee didn’t deliver a good sound byte – instead, they stammered or talked in circles. We’d have to scrap that clip and either try and schedule a do-over or find a new interviewee altogether.

So, we became a good balancer for them. At Sierra Media, one of our greatest skills is flexibility and adaptation to the circumstances. When a video team is shooting and something crazy happens, the best indication of a seasoned production team is that they can step up and move things along in a new direction.

Go with the flow, but still find the story.

corporate video- Eventbrite - Emerald City Comicon

Interviewing the staff at the Emerald City Comicon.

Gleaning the good bits from live interviews

You can’t control what a client is going to say. When working with Eventbrite, or any client, really, sometimes we’d get an interview with someone that hemmed and hawed and talked in circles—without ever actually saying much. Part of the challenge with live action authentic interviews is that you aren’t giving someone a script, so there’s little control over what they say.

However, Eventbrite is exceptional at what they do, so their clients were naturally prone to say positive things and give good feedback. Also, of course, we were able to guide the questions and answers of the interview in a way that helped the clients describe their experience clearly and succinctly.

Long distance collaboration

Some people might suppose that editing and shooting requires all parties to be geographically near each other. Not true.

Eventbrite’s main offices are located in California, while we are stationed up in the chilly Pacific Northwest. We solved our distance problem by editing the footage virtually on WebX. By remotely watching my screen, they were able to provide feedback and opinions, making recommendations like, “Move that clip over here.” The entire editing process was a virtual collaboration. In fact, we discovered that this is a remarkably efficient way to collaborate with our clients.

Why we love working with Eventbrite

It’s inspiring to travel and be on location with a group of people that are so focused and passionate about their brand and who they are as a company. They are a greatly admired company in their industry, yet despite this, the whole team is full of very down-to-earth, loving people. Sierra Media, and especially Daniel, was able to meet a lot of their people, including operations staff, the co-owner of the company, and managers. They were all accepting and passionate, and a tight-knit crew.

We should know—our team spent a week in a two bedroom flat with their marketing crew. Each team took a room, and shared the bathroom. It was a good get-to-know-you.

Why we feel proud of our work with Eventbrite

It takes time to instill trust with any video production client—to get them to the place where they are confident that you get their company and their needs and can deliver. We’ve been able to do this with Eventbrite.

I think our biggest compliment is that, when we produce a video, they take it all the way up to the VP of marketing to review — and they really enjoy it. Kudos to Eventbrite for internally getting what they need out of us, and kudos to us for being able to give them what they wanted — with our spin on it too, of course.

corporate video production - Global Citizen festival

Daniel shooting in New York for the Global Citizen Festival.