BrandStory_LongGraphicBrand story is everything and everywhere these days. If you don’t stand out, you get lost in the crowd. An invisible corporation doesn’t get much traction in today’s world. You have to be unique, different, new, or special, on top of having a great product or providing a great service.


However, more than that, you have to effectively communicate how you’re different.  Show people something new. Create a unique experience. Draw them in with your personal story.


Make it obvious to your audience that you’re something interesting, beneficial, and anything but ordinary. This is where we come in.


In our previous article, we talked about how to develop your authentic voice – the voice of your company, the voice that communicates to people personally, the voice that encapsulates your goals, values, and purpose as a corporation. After we have worked together to create your authentic voice, we use that voice to tell your story.


What is a Brand Story?

When you tell the brand story of your corporation, you communicate what your company is really like. It’s also important to explain to your customers how you stand out in the crowd.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes your business special or unique? What sets it apart?
  • What is your personality, values, and style?
  • How do those traits make your  products or services unique or special?
  • Are you modern, professional, high-quality, traditional, entertaining, family-oriented, impressive, or efficient?
  • What values does your business affirm?
  • Why does your company exist?
  • What does your company do for people?
  • What are your company’s goals?

Your answers to all of these questions begin to create your brand story. Yes, people can see your corporation on the outside, but what does it really look like on the inside? That’s what people want to know. That’s what they want to understand. Telling them your story helps them feel involved, a part of something bigger than themselves. How do we communicate your brand story? – With the power of video.


Why is Video So Powerful?

People connect with video in a unique way. The moving shots, people’s voices, and music that sets the tone are the elements that empower people to engage with video. This is why video is a great medium for telling your customers what your corporation is really all about.



Video helps deliver your message in an effective manner. It has the power to connect with people in a way that written text, or even photos, simply can’t. The common phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the fact that an image has the power to convey a meaningful idea or concept. If a simple graphic can communicate 1,000 words worth of meaning, video is exponentially more powerful.



Video creates a vivid experience for your viewer. When customers read text or see a photo, they wonder if they’re actually seeing the real deal, if they really understand your story. Video uses music to bring out emotions and cause your viewer to feel your message. We’ll be able to use different camera angles and unique shots to set the right tone, enhance the creative quality, and communicate the type of energy that embodies your corporate brand.



Video is powerful because it is personal. It shows them who you are, how you’re different, and what you can do for them. After seeing the video, your customers will be able to personally identify with your corporation’s story. They will love what they see and they will be intrigued. Like we’ve said before, people can only connect with what they can understand. Once they understand your story, they’ll feel connected to and involved in the goals, purpose, and personality of your company.


Stands out.

With the array of corporations in existence today, people want to know what sets you apart – they want to know why you’re different, or what’s special about you when compared to the next guy on the block. Video allows you to effectively do that in a creative way that gets right to the point, clearly defining who you are as a corporation.


It’s Time To Tell Your Story

Your brand story is a great story, and it’s way past time for you to tell it. In order for your audience to really grasp the significance of your brand, you have to show them. Show them, in real life, who you are, what you’re like, and how you can help them.At the end of the day, your customers will really understand who you are, what you’re all about, and why you’re different. They can take a step into your world.

Video is one of the most compelling ways to show people what you do and why you do it. At Sierra Media, we work our partner Bakerbuilt Works to develop marketing videos that communicate your corporate brand story to the people you want to reach. Contact us at any time or fill out our inquiry form. We’d love to connect with you to see how we can best tell your story through an engaging video presentation.