AuthenticVoice02-speechbubblesIt’s simple, really. If you want to sell your product or service, you have to get people interested in your company. If you want to get people interested in your company, you have to get them to connect with your brand. So, the real question seems to be – How do you get people to connect with your brand?


And, like the question, the answer is simple, really. You have to show them. Show them who you are, what you’re like, what you do, and why you do it.

People can only connect with what they understand. If they don’t understand your company’s values, goals, and personality, they will never be able to connect with your story. So, in order for them to understand your story, you have to tell it to them.


But any old story won’t do. You have to be different; you have to stand out in the crowd. You have to give them a reason to be more interested in you than the other guy. What people want most is authenticity – they want the realistic picture. How do you do this? Great question. We can help with that.


Want To Develop Your Authentic Voice?


What’s the heart behind your business? Why was your company founded in the first place? What are your goals going forward? What story do you want to communicate to people?


These are the fundamental elements of your authentic voice. Once we hone in on what your specific voice sounds like and what it needs to communicate, you’ll be able to sound and appear unique when compared to the next guy. You won’t simply be a poster child for your industry, but instead, you’ll be a special something, a unique company, and a corporation that everyone understands and can connect with. Differentiation like this happens when the authentic voice of your company is defined and effectively used. Be the one that’s different.


How Do We Define Your Authentic Voice?


175563453-editIn order to reveal your authentic voice, we’ll be coming over and hanging out with you for a few days. Our goal will be to understand what makes your corporation tick, see how your values play out practically, and learn the history of where your company has come since it’s beginning. The key to crafting your authentic voice is understanding where your original business idea started and what triggered the actual start of the company.

If a marketing director isn’t sure how to explain the purpose, personality, and values of their company, we encourage them to look at their company objectively. Look at what their current marketing efforts are communicating to people. What kind of business are you telling people that you are? If that’s what you’re intending to communicate – great. If it’s not, then you’ll need to do some thinking about how you want to reposition your company. If you need help figuring it out, we’re not far away.


During this time, as we get to know you and your corporation – we’ll be brainstorming – figuring out how your story can most effectively and creatively be told to people.


How Does Video Showcase Your Authentic Voice?


Music. Music is a huge part of communicating the voice of a company to the viewer. It has the power to make people feel a certain way. When you put music with your video, it causes people to feel that way about your brand as well. Your authentic voice can be communicated through the music.


But not just any music. The emotion, feel, tone, and tempo of the music must match the message that the company is trying to communicate. It has to match the authentic voice they’re using to tell their story.


For example, for a video trying to motivate people to use recyclable goods, upbeat, inspiring music would be a good fit. If your video is for a hospital or care facility, use calming, hopeful music. In fact, think about the most recent expensive car commercial you watched. Most of the time – hardly any words or text are used at all. Instead, it’s all video and music, setting the tone and communicating a message that sticks with you.


ElpisAndWoodCamera angles, types of shots, and lighting. Depending on the type of voice that you’re trying to communicate, different camera angles, types of shots, and lighting will accentuate that voice.


For example, we did a short video for Elpis and Wood who are free form artisans.


In order to fit their voice, we used some shots that were a little out of focus, or where the focus was racking. We used a lot of handheld to make you feel like you were actually in the shop. We also took a lot of natural shots that captured their authentic tone of voice and personal speaking style.


Video showcases your authentic voice in a way that text or graphics simply cannot. In order to tell someone about your authentic voice, you have to show them. You have to let them hear it, right? That lends itself directly to video. Yes, the design of your website and the content viewers read are a part of that voice, but video allows people to see it in real life and hear it for themselves.


If you need a video production that showcases the authentic voice of your company, contact Sierra Media to set up a meeting. We would love to work alongside you to delve into your company and reveal the authentic voice within. Tell it like it is, show the world who you really are, and project your authentic voice to the people that are ready to hear it.


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