Capturing a company's culture by Bakerbuilt Works

Capturing a company’s culture.

Capturing a company’s culture with video can be difficult if you don’t know the company. Being a trusted advisor to a client and bringing a subjective point of view can add clarity. Capturing a company’s culture is a deep dive. Here’s an example of a video we did for a long-time client, Molecular Devices. It involved a process that included over 7 versions of a script that had to be just right. The inside team, including the brand manager, wrote it. We brought to the table the visuals that supported the script. Additionally, we provided storyboarding, shooting, editing, music, and voiceover.

Capturing a company's culture by Bakerbuilt Works

A company’s culture can be cultish.

Even though there are challenges in capturing a company’s culture in a video, I’d like to share another video we worked on over the last few years. Yep, they update it every year!

In this example, the culture of this company is so engrained into the fabric of the company that it’s hard to miss. After all, culture and cult both come from the Latin cultus, a noun with meanings from tilling and cultivation to training or education.

This makes for an exciting assignment because a) they have lots of events, b) there’s lots of coverage of most events c) Like most publically traded companies, the year revolves around a huge event celebrating the successes of the top performers.

Ah, but that went out the window with the pandemic, you might say. Consider the frame from the video above. The event was a massive success as it is integral to their culture.