Providence Regional Cancer Partnership: A Case Study

Providence Regional Cancer Partnership is a collaboration between four leading medical groups sharing territory in Puget Sound. Together, they realized they could provide top of the line, across the board cancer treatment in a single, convenient location. They just needed to get the word out.
We were honored when they chose Bakerbuilt Works to handle a facet of their marketing efforts to create a video that would be many people’s first introduction to this amazing facility. PRC-9

When they came to us, they were looking to make an introductory video plus a handful of doctor profile videos to run on their website. Their goal was for the website to be the point of conversion for people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. The challenge was the center’s relative newness and their proximity to some well-known centers in Seattle. Their location in Everett, WA was expected to be a huge benefit to people living north of Seattle, but it also meant overcoming local prejudice in favor of Seattle and against Everett’s blue-collar roots. Would people believe it was possible to get world-class care, at quite likely the scariest time of their life, in Everett?

PRC-11 Right away, we set about researching the best cancer centers in the US, including Seattle’s Cancer Care Alliance. The videos we watched took a few different tacks, and we began noting the most effective parts of them as we considered what we wanted to say with our short video.
We quickly realized that while PRCP had come to us for a series of videos, the introductory video would be a centerpiece of their web presence, and so we put the profiles aside for a while and focused all our creative muscle on the heavy lifting. The video had to accomplish a few goals:
1. Make an emotional connection with the audience.
2. Highlight the quality of medical care, including state-of-the-art equipment.
3. Highlight the support services that really set PRCP apart and above their peers.
4. Ensure that the partnering departments shared the spotlight more or less equally.

We decided to use a host, of sorts, and our video would begin and end with her, loosely touching upon her “journey” through cancer to serve as a story anchor for a viewer watching the video. Our script envisioned opening and closing with our presenter in a traditional Puget Sound setting

PRC-10 Location is an important benefit of the PRCP, so we wanted to drive that home from the start. What could be more perfectly local and gorgeous than kayaking off of Jetty Island? That day was an adventure, to say the least. The footage, though, was serene and lovely.
In the months to come, fighting scheduling complications and unfriendly weather, we managed to pull together enough b-roll to illustrate the beauty and functionality of the new facility, the capabilities of the doctors there, and to touch upon the breadth of available support services.

Then, over two days of keeping a very tight schedule, we were able to interview a series of very time-crunched doctors between rounds of saving lives and sneak in some additional footage of volunteers pretending to be patients.

Featured work Bakerbuilt Works Cancer partnership Then it was time to piece it together.
Working with interview footage is always a challenge. These are not actors. These are, in all likelihood, people who never even considered a life in the theater. So at this point, the narrative was created from an outline based on what the doctors said.

When all was said and done, a video was created that accomplishes all of our client’s goals and more. Only time will tell if it helps people to choose this world-class facility with amazing doctors, for their treatment, right here in Everett.