The difference between a customer on the fence and a customer at the door could be as simple as a little more knowledge. No one has the same expertise in your product, and its place in industry, as you. Embracing your own expertise is a business video marketing opportunity.

People today are doing a lot of research before they make a purchasing decision. This is especially true if a product comes at a high price point. Also, if it’s highly technical, or exists in a marketplace with a lot of competition. People want to feel informed so they can feel good about their decisions. If you don’t fill that need, someone else will.

For BakerBuilt Works client, Tescom, their product falls into that highly technical category and, even as an economical choice, the price point of their network clocks is competitive.

We spent a single day filming at their headquarters. While there, we managed to create a series of short, informative videos getting into the “whats” and the “whys” of a necessary (but often misunderstood) product in the network game. Education can be a great tool for breaking down buyer hesitation and helping your customer feel more confident making a purchase. I may not make for exciting video, but it is useful to the intended audience?

Showcase Your Expertise

By making research easier for your customers, you stand out as an intelligent choice. We recommend offering a wealth of information as a business video marketing technique in a variety of media formats. If that sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning, we’re able to turn a day or two on site with your subject matter expert (SME) into multiple videos for a complete campaign. Transcripts of those videos can be used to write blog posts and keep the content train rolling! They also make great support material for inbound marketing campaigns.

Make an appointment today and find out how easy it can be to create web-videos that keep your customers informed and confident. You are the expert, after all.