Beyond the Salish Sea- A documentary by Daniel A. Cardenas

Once upon a time, the Salish Sea was a vibrant and teeming ecosystem, full of life and wonder. But as time passed and human activity increased, the sea began to suffer. Pollution, habitat destruction, and overfishing took their toll, leaving the sea in peril and its inhabitants struggling to survive.

Beyond the Salish Sea- Cape Flattery. A film by Daniel A. Cardenas

Cape Flattery, WA

But there is hope. A growing movement of Salish people, concerned citizens environmentalists and government entities has emerged to protect the Salish Sea and our oceans. They are banding together to study the sea’s ecosystems, raise awareness of its value, and implement policies and practices that will help to ensure its survival.
Our documentary film will follow the efforts of these dedicated individuals as they work to protect the Salish Sea and safeguard the oceans for generations to come. Hosted by renowned oceanographer, Kim McCoy, author of “Waves and Beaches, (3rd edition). Through stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, we’ll explore the wonders of the Salish Sea, bringing to life the people, creatures and landscapes that make it so unique.

Beyond the Salish Sea-Sailing. A film by Daniel A. Cardenas

Sailing the Salish Sea, Possession Sound, WA

In addition, we’ll delve into the region’s challenges, from pollution and climate change to overfishing and habitat loss.
More than just the problems, our film will also highlight the inspiring actions being taken to address them. We will meet the scientists, activists, and everyday people who are making a difference, working to restore the health of the Salish Sea and reinvigorate its vibrant ecosystems.

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