Reach, Retention and Engagement

Let’s get started with a little background into the current digital landscape. Here’s something you probably already know: Behind Google, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and Google + and YouTube make up the largest social network with over 1.32 billion active users. Think about that for a second. The largest social media network. How many of you are using social media for marketing? Do you consider YouTube as a social media platform? That could be a mindset that can help you approach your YouTube channel in a totally different way.

  • YouTube is not Television
  • YouTube is a Straight focused stream vs Television which is a spray stream or not focused.
  • Think of it as a nozzle on your garden hose.


Brand decisions are made on YouTube and buying decisions are made on Google. When someone is looking for a product they’ll search on YouTube, find your brand, and if they fall in love with it, they google it to find the best price.

One of the first things in channel strategy is providing consistent programming that is relevant to your target audience. And with that there are some things to do around


  1. Reach
  2. Retention
  3. Engagement

1. Reach

  • Use annotations to drive an action. The most common annotation is the subscribe pop up, the next is the end slate link to other videos. But internally in the video you can get creative not not too many. More on that later.
  • Look at success metrics-views per unique user, views per upload and subscribers per 1 thousand views
  • Tell a story with thumbnails. This is where most people fall short. Using the standard thumbnails that are offered up when you upload. Create custom, engaging thumbnails to tell the story of your video, but make it relavant to the video.
  • Create a good description use an end slate

2. Retention

  • A common mistake is to send the viewer off of YouTube. If this your strategy, well so be it. But YouTube ranks you by watch time, not views. Even though you get a million views, if the viewer clicked away in 5 sec vs. let’s say 250,000 views all the way through, that video will probably get a higher, more relevant ranking.
  • Encourage them to watch more videos on YouTube
  • Publish your programming calendar. Doesn’t matter how often, just make it consistent.
  • Plan and produce for industry tent poles. Every industry has it’s big conventions or trade shows. Plan programming around those and then you also have the major holidays

3. Engagement

  • Think of content as value to your customers
  • Create content about your community
  • Realize individuals
  • Let debate happen
  • Optimize your videos- less planning and more iterating, try a lot of things. Look at the analytics and try some more.
  • Consider a dedicated YouTube manager

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