All of these clips are from the work we created for clients over the past few years. Some of them were support pieces for larger campaigns, others were integral cornerstones that campaigns were built around. These days, any significant BCB creative marketing effort will usually end up with video, either in a starring or supporting role. Video proves again and again, anecdotally and statistically, to be the best way to reach and convert an audience. Even so, video is only one of a few potential end-points, and we begin each client-journey with an open mind, ready to draw a fresh map.

In each of the 3 examples below we worked with our clients to learn about their product and guided them through the process of creating a video or videos for their particular initiative.

The Journey Begins

Starting with a data dump from the client, we apply a modified version of design thinking to their marketing problem.  Once we know everything about the client, we turn our lens outward. We research what the customer needs and empathize with them, then we agree on a precise definition of the problem or challenge ahead. Combining our fresh view and our client’s knowledge, we brainstorm possible solutions.

The Next Steps

Through this process, we develop a creative brief and a few potential script treatments, usually around three. During the brainstorming journey, many ideas are evaluated and considered before we narrow it down to those worthy of treatment. We try to offer a safe bet, an interesting twist, and an adventurous option for out-of-the-box thinkers. After the clients confer and choose a treatment (or two), we proceed to create the video.

Regroup. Rework. Keep it Real.

The journey doesn’t end here, however. B2C creative marketing is not always perfect the first time, but with testing, we are able to make small tweaks to our video and our distribution methods for optimized performance. Whether the end goal is views, conversions or sales, we’re always looking for the measurable objective. This is what keeps us going, always striving for success and perfection on every project.

Take the first step.