Well, we’re surviving a year-end flurry of commercial video production activity here at the of 2017. We’d like to thank all of our clients who stepped up and gave us the chance and to challenge us to deliver. Because the finals are not approved, we’re not allowed to share the details, but when we can we will.

At the beginning of Q4 we posted an email saying how busy we were getting. We were working almost to capacity with our creative partner Bakerbuilt Works. Consequently, several of or clients were able to squeeze in some commercial video productions at the end of the year. It was a great time and we did some awesome work.

In one week we were eyes deep into commercial video production, shooting 3 Virtual Reality spots for several clients including an onsite testimonial in addition to an in-studio multi-camera shoot with live talent. As always, until the projects are delivered, approved and posted, mums the word on the specifics. But hey, I can generalize… I’ll create multiple posts, one for each of the shoots. When wrapped we’ll share the finals.

About 6 weeks of Pre-Production

It takes about 6 weeks of pre-production, which was about right for 3 commercial video shoots, given the scope and logistics of sets, talent, and personnel. Luckily, we shot in our studio which is convenient and easy. It really pushed our limits of creativity for the variety of locations the shoots required.

With 3 of the clients based in Europe, the time delay makes for some early mornings and long weekends waiting for storyboard/treatment approval. Our creative partner Bakerbuilt Works and worked to help craft the stories and scripts.

In one spot we used the nephew of our executive producer, Amanda Aronica. He played a cute kid playing with a few toy cars. The premise is VR software for a high-end auto buying experience, hence enabling the customer to pick out the options and accessorize his very expensive purchase. Our commercial video studio works well for shoots like this. One of the exteriors was shot on the street in downtown Seattle. Additionally, the rest of the video was shot in another part of our studio dressed to look like a very upscale/hip auto salon. We used compositing on the TV monitor and green screen on a doorway to magically transport the salon into a very believable locale.


Our go-to DP’s

One of our go-to DP’s (director of photography) Randy Peck shot this for us using all of our in-house gear. The camera is the Sony F55 with Angenieaux Optimo 30-90 Cinema Zoom lens, Kino flows, and lots of glorious daylight spilling in from
our South facing windows on a cloudless winter’s day.

In 2 other spots, we created a VR House Party for two VR video games. This spot was lensed by our other go-to guy Chris Mosio. This was super fun a super fun shoot with amazing talent provided by BigFish NW

 Commercial Video Production

With our full-service commercial video production studio, we can easily transform every corner of our 3500 sq ft space into a specialized location for your next project. Hit us up for a tour or if you’re in the neighborhood, pop on in. We’d love to show you around.