show frame for A Meteor Missed my House short film by Daniel A. Cardenas

A Meteor Missed my House

Flying around in space, rocks are hurling toward our planet earth. Most burn up in the atmosphere, but in the case of our “little” short film, a couple of them land very close to my home. So close that you can see the debris floating in the air next to the piece of space that landed on a poor fellow in my yard.

To keep blowing our clients’ minds, we’ve been busy in the shed sharpening the saw. This week has been exceptionally fun. Check out this trailer and try to figure out how we did it. In the meantime, consider the odds. Check this out.

The short campaign is done, and we’re dripping out the three episodes. So far, it has generated some buzz and interest. We’ve had a variety of reactions. From WTF to humm, to when’s the next one drop?

The Big Picture

In the scheme of things, what matters in video marketing is the engagement and relevance to your audience. In this case, we’re talking to creative types in marketing which have an innate curiosity. (Hopefully) For example, take your company, and create a campaign around a theme or topic that can get some traction and possibly move the needle in the direction of whatever you set out to accomplish, especially if it’s around a new product or service.

Using in-house resources

Shooting this project over a few days allowed us to take our time and work out the storyline and practical effects. Shot on a Sony F55 in 4K using a PL mounted Venus Optics Laowa 24 mm macro probe lens. The model was something we had laying around the studio for another project in the works. The first 2 parts were shot in our studio and the last part was actually shot outside on a beautiful overcast day that offered soft overhead lighting.