Lean marketing campaigns with video seem to be our specialty. When Intel recently commissioned us to work on a lean marketing campaign for AI partner solutions, we were up to the task. Of course, AI partner solutions is a vast and deep pool. There are a lot of companies that are harnessing the power of AI to a lot of different ends. Built into the latest Intel processors, these technologies are all the latest innovations. Creating a lean marketing campaign, with video, that would do justice to the products without busting the budget…that could prove to be a challenge. Intel pointed us towards a variety of AI solution providers. Then, it was up to us to create engaging marketing content on a shoestring budget. From solution briefs and social media posts to videos, this would be no small task.

To kick off this project we met with stakeholders via scheduled hour-long phone conferences. These discovery sessions usually did not take up the whole hour because we came prepared. Beforehand we researched the technology of the partner so we would already have an understanding of their product and their existing messaging. These were not start-ups, they were established companies that Intel chose to support.

A Cluster of Clients

Krisp and wrnch were two technology partners we were focused on. We’ve written a little about Krisp before, you can read that here. Wrnch is different; their AI software platform captures and digitizes human motion in real-time. It has a number of potential applications, but is still new enough that the application we wanted to feature, an AI personal trainer program, isn’t quite camera-ready. It was particularly interesting for me, being a very visual person, to create the video for a product of which there is no product, just the technology. Because I’ve done a bit of yoga and still enjoy group fitness classes, the potential for a web-cam based program that could help improve your form in home workouts was interesting.

For both companies, their products rely on the latest generation of Intel Core processors. These lean marketing campaigns are symbiotic in nature, so both Intel and the respective companies weigh in on direction. We’re now dealing with multiple clients, and multiple content requirements.

Intel-Krisp-AI from Bakerbuilt Works on Vimeo.

Rich Content on a Lean Budget

For this lean-budgeted marketing campaign, we delivered: 2 videos, 5 2-page solution briefs, plus 5 calling cards for social media. The social posts would drive engagement to the paper and the videos. The launch would coincide with an industry tent pole event. All of this, for under $75K? Shoestring budget, sure, but the value we delivered was worth twice as much. Not to mention making our client look like a real rock star for delivering it all on time and on budget.

Storyboarding both the Krisp and wrnch videos and getting approval allowed us to move ahead with casting and shooting the two videos. This works out well for the client as we can utilize resources and apply them as needed in a very short period of time. The production runs on day-rates and time is money, so once talent is booked, there’s no sense wasting a second. We were also able to stretch that shoestring budget by calling in favors from places we frequent. Places like a local coffee shop and furniture from a real estate staging company in our building. Creative planning and concurrent filming allowed us to offer incredible value to our clients without going over budget.  Read the Solution Brief Here.

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