Our senior copywriting maven Krista Quinby shares 3 tips for better copy. Whether you’re blogging, writing web copy or emails and proposals, these three tips get you on the right track fast or keep your writing in order. Krista has been with us for over 10 years and has consistently contributed creatively to almost every large project we’ve created including videos, re-writing web copy for clients, or ebooks.

As a copywriter

As a copywriter, often times the job entails deciding on what not to write. Especially in the case of creating video scripts. The old adage show don’t tell couldn’t be more important. If the video ends up with no VO but the story has been told and the audience gets it, she’s done her job and most likely spent a lot of time figuring that out. So, think about it as you poke around on the web and see a plethora of videos some good and a lot of them bad. In most cases the technique can be learned or copied, but crafting a professional piece takes a good copywriter and we’ve got one.

In her spare time Krista shares the content creation duties on her blog, Milk and Whiskey.